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The Pharmaceutical Industry

Key figures

Contribute to the employment
The pharmaceutical industry employs approximately 26,000 persons in Denmark.

DKK 16bn in tax
Personal and corporation tax from the pharmaceutical industry constitutes approximately altogether DKK 16bn annually.
One of Denmark’s largest export products
Denmark’s export of medicinal products is DKK 127bn in 2017. Medicinal products are one of the country’s absolutely largest export products and constitute today about 17 per cent of the total Danish export.  

One of Denmark’s most productive sectors
The pharmaceutical industry is one of Denmark’s most productive sectors with a productivity that measured on the value added per employee is approximately 2.6 times as large as the business community as a whole.

DKK 12,1bn for new medicinal products
The pharmaceutical industry invests every year in more than DKK 12,1 bn in research and development of new medicinal products. It is approximately 30 per cent of all private research in the Danish business community and it makes medicinal products to the undisputed largest private research area nationally. 


Thomas Klit Christensen
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Juridisk chefkonsulent - Head of Foreign Trade Policy.