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Lifs assessment of the Growth Team's life science recommendations
5. februar 2018
​Based on the Growth Team's 17 recommendations, a growth plan for life science will be worked out as well as establishing a permanent life science office, referencing the Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.

Denmark lags behind in the vaccines area
30. januar 2017
In Denmark, both children and adults are offered and recommended fewer vaccines than in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Seven principles for good data handling
24. januar 2017
The citizens’ confidence in the researchers’ use of health data is crucial. Therefore, the industry has proposed seven principles for use of health data.

The Medicines Board will be busy
5. januar 2017
Last year the European Medicines Agency, EMA approved marketing authorisations for 70 new medicinal products among others in Denmark.

New cap on medicine prices until 15 December 2018
31. maj 2016
New agreement means that the present caps on prices for reimbursable medicine sold by the pharmacies are to remain unchanged until 15 December 2018.

DKK 31m in funding to patients and hospitals
2. maj 2016
02.05.2016 ​Patient associations and hospitals last year received more than DKK 31m in funding from Lif's member companies. This is reported in the annual listings of collaborations with patient associations and hospital donations just released by Lif.

Vaccines save lives
27. april 2016
27 APRIL 2016 Mikkel Møller Rasmussen, consultant in Lif, has written this commentary published on 19 April 2016 in (national daily) Kristeligt Dagblad.

TTIP: A Bounty of Socio-Economic Benefits for Denmark
21. april 2016
21 APRIL 2016 The importance of TTIP cannot be underestimated. A TTIP agreement with an ambitious pharmaceutical chapter could strengthen even further Denmark’s export success.

New agreement on price reductions and a cap on prices for hospital medicine
1. april 2016
1 APRIL 2016 Several months of intensive negotiations between Lif on the one hand and the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Regions on the other, ended up the Friday before last Friday with the parties agreeing to a price-cap agre

DKK 100m freed up from Regions' budgets
25. februar 2016
25 FEBURARY 2016 Spending on hospital medicine continues to fall. In January 2016, the sale of drugs to hospitals had fallen so much that it corresponded to 10 percent lower spending on medicine compared to January 2015.